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The Waterfront Exhibits

​When you visit the waterfront, you will get a glimpse into life and work aboard a 17th century cargo ship, The Maryland Dove. You'll also discover how sailors in the past navigated open waters, ship handling, repair skills and technology of the 17th century. 

Tour above and below deck on the Maryland Dove and learn how the sailors lived onboard in the 17th Century


Experience the Dove


Sailor Joe Greeley explains the significance of seafarers and shipping in colonial Maryland (MPTSeries "The Dig" opens in a new window).

Captain Will Gates introduces the Maryland Dove

Hear the sounds & see the views aboard Maryland Dove

The Maryland Dove , after being in dry dock all winter, returns to HSMC's Waterfront. Will Gates, Captain of the Maryland Dove, talks a little about why we have a reproduction of a 17th-century trading ship at the museum. (March 2019)



Listen in as author Mark Wilkins discusses his book "Cape Code's Oldest Shipwreck: The Desperate Crossing of the Sparrow-Hawk"
"In 1626–27, the Sparrow-Hawk began her final journey across the brutal winter waves of the Atlantic Ocean, departing from the southern coast of England with America as her goal. As cases of scurvy and whispers of mutiny rose, the hopes of those aboard the small vessel began to fade. ... Join Mark Wilkins as he delves into the secrets of the
Sparrow-Hawk." -- from
Original lecture hosted in HSMC Visitor Center auditorium.


Building the New Maryland Dove

A preview of the construction of the new Maryland Dove, at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.

With construction underway on the new Maryland Dove in St. Michaels, Md., Historic St. Mary’s City, and the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum hosts a Virtual Symposium on Building the New Maryland Dove.


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