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St. John’s Site Museum

St. John’s Site Museum was constructed in 1638 by Maryland's first secretary, John Lewger, St. John's stood as one of the most important dwellings in St. Mary's City for 75 years. Five years of intensive historical and archaeological research have recovered the social history, architectural plan and farmyard setting of this historic house. Archaeologists continue the analysis of the 320,000 artifacts recovered during excavation. ​Exhibits inside the reconstructed building showcase the methods scholars may use archaeology. historical documents, and oral traditions to understand the past.​


Premier Archaeological Site


Head of Research and Collections Dr. Travis Parno reviews the significance of the St. John's site in Historic St. Mary's City (MPT Series The Dig opens in a new window).



​A comprehensive look at several aspects of archaeology at Historic St. Mary's City. HSMC Research marks the beginning of the telling of Maryland's story beginning 50 years ago.

Presenters include Dr. Travis Parno, Dr. Henry Miller, Silas Hurry, and Ruth Mitchell.  Lecture originally offered April 19, 2019 at Historic St. Mary's City Visitor Center Auditorium


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